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I'm concerned about the state of the world.

On they have an article about cliches. Then there's these really Peculiar Postings at the bottom:

- Four-eared kitten finds new home
- Bavaria lets lederhosen support drop
- Surgeon suspended in soup dispute
- Corpse sought for starring role

I mean, what kind of a world are we living in when lederhosen are not properly supported? I think all lederhosen should be supplied with proper emotional support from society. Poor lederhosen. Plus, you don't really want to see someone's lederhosen randomly fall down in the middle of the street. Especially when you think about the kind of people that wear lederhosen.... Ba-dum-tchhh

- - - - - - - - - -

Hmm...I have so many things to do right now, like burn a cd for tomorrow and practice and write my geography thing and make coffee and take a shower...


And I might have to go to my sister's school's awful book fair. Like, oh YES, I WANT to read Pony Club # 4510574385.

(The sad thing is, my sister does. She has the reading level of a newt. The book contains things like:

Mary pushed her hair aside looking at the big horse.

"My, it is large, isn't it?" she said to her friend Dora.

"Yes, it is, Mary." replied Dora.

It just goes on like that for pages and pages. These Horse Club people seem to have to confirm things with eachother before making up their minds. Don't join Horse Clubs, kids, they ruin your self-esteem. And come on, "Pony Club"? Why not "Stallion Alliance" or something? The words Pony Club make me think of horses sitting upright on chairs around a table playing cards in a dingy, smoky cafe...possibly wearing hats and ties.)

(I do not know why I wrote that last part in brackets, it was so long...)

In other news, the world is awfully confusing. I don't know why these comic stores don't have the issue I want, Jesus.

I think my sister is going to the bookfair with my dad now. That means I'm home with Nonna and Isaac...

Well, I've got to go

What a cheap entry.

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