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God, what an awful couple of days.

Saturday morning I threw up and went to the doctor, who tells me I've got a summer flu. Fantastic. And she also tells me that if I don't feel well, I shouldn't take any antibiotics and I should bear the pain. She then writes me a note telling me this is the kind of antibiotic I need. Confusing?

Then I came home and tried to eat soup. Well, after two spoonfuls I threw up....AGAIN! :D Isn't this the ghastly entry?

That night I had an awful headache/stomach ache and watched Bullets Over Broadway, which kind of cheered me up but not really.

And now I'm completely miserable and can barely talk. I'm also contagious. And I have a really red throat. Oh yeah, it also hurts to swallow.

Despite all this, I'm going to fight for my right to go to Comic Fest...or at least out tomorrow.

Anyways, its really great that this happened to me because it would have been a great weekend: Shopping, Comic Fest, and then more shopping the next day with Shnofo.

But now it seems as though I'm confined to my house...and I'm really sick of my living room.

I even tried playing yesterday, which was even shittier than usual because I was sick. And I dropped yet ANOTHER pick into the hole of the guitar, which is GREAT.

EDIT: What an appropriate smiley. Hah, SMILEY.
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