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List Of Things I Want Right Now

Yeah, well, I'm a materialistic little rat. So sue me.

1- To be better.
2- To go to Boston.
3- For everyone to shut up.
4- The Kids In The Hall first season DVD
5- //.HACK DVD set
6- White Converse
7- To win a shopping spree
8- New laces!!!
9- For it to be summer
10- For this damn show to be over.
11- Tattoo

Anywayssss... Melishka. I wrote in my diary yesterday and I actually called you Mel. I think I only call you Shnofo when I speak to you. Isn't that freaky? Then again, it was like... 11:20 at night. Its the saddest diary entry ever. You'd cry big tears of sadness if I read it to you. If I could only read what I wrote.

Anyways, you're not on MSN now...have you gone shopping? Or are you HOME AND NOT ON MSN!?


Just kidding, you know I love you and would snog you if I weren't so a) far away and b) sick and c) unshowered.

I hate the feeling you get when you've just woken up and are all confused. I had some waffle for breakfast...let's see how long that lasts. Not long, probably. Anyways shnofo, I have to speak to you today at some point because... oh yeah, I forgot, what hotel are you guys staying at?

Anyways, my dad said we can get the SPACE TV channel so I can see the old Star Trek episodes. EPISODES! What a strange word! E-PI-SODES!

In other news, COMICfest rocked, except that I probably infected everyone there. I talked to this shop owner guy about MegaTokyo and American Splendor for about 25 minutes and he lost like 15 clients in the process...oh well. It was a fun time, except that it closed way too early, and that we got there way too late.

I could have gotten a Teen Titans comic signed by this guy, but apparently he wasn't the guy who drew the comics but the guy who came up with the WHOLE THING. How cool is that? Anyways, David got his signed and now my uncle says he's never going to see it again until he's 25.

Umm, apart from that...oh yeah, I played a PS1 IN an X-Box shell for a while... (I know, I was fascinated too) and then we went to some fast food thing.

I ate like 1/3 of a small poutine and I felt like I had a whole turkey or something. Which is just the best feeling in the world.

After that we had to walk back to the car, which was quite far. It was also really cold outside and I felt even more sick.

Then, I threw up.

And so endeth the fun.

Then I came home, did some stuff, and spoke to Melissa on msn and then...uh. Did night stuff.

Well there's the phone.
Aww, its my uncle.
Never mind.
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