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The Misadventures Of Axe And Fofno

Axe's Meanderings

Manhandle Mushroom
26 August
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I am Axe. I don't need no stinkin' biography.

Oh, ok, you twisted my arms, all 5 of them.

I am a girl. I like playing guitar. Hey look, its Fofno. Her name is really Melissa. She is my partner in crime. And my first lover. My third love is videogames. All of thems. You'll have to guess for the second.

David is my cousin. He is 3, and he likes Fofno. He says she is pinkie shirt. Yes, I thought you'd like to meet him. He has several James Bond-like suits which he wears to occasions...and he is very verrrryyyy cute...and has a bike...I love him. Me and Fofno share him.

I have plans for world domination.
Or something.
Whatever the hell.
Maybe I'll just like...go to new york and stalk woody allen.

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