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Ho hum.

Ah, what an awful week. It was just so draining, and stupid, and useless.

I had the worst guitar lesson ever today. Scary Classical Guitar Sub guy. :( Augh. Gawd. He always tells me to 'Lis-ten to the meh-low-dee', like I give a shit about the meh-low-dee of two sixteenth notes.

Good lord.

After that I went to Videotron and got American Splendor and Esther rented Lion King 1 1/2. I kept calling it Lion King 3/4. Lol.

And now for a quiet night of my usual boring tasks.

Lord my fingers. I keep hitting the fret between my skin and nail...its really painful. And I have to slide.....nnnnnoooo....

...quickly, too.

Shnofo, come in Shnofo, get on msn Shnofo.... Permit me to steal your robotic heart for hearting purposes. <3<3<3 Mwahaha, I am devious. *eats you*

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